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The Seagate Foodbank
526 High Street
Toledo, OH 43609
fax: 419-244-2123
Seagate Foodbank of Northwest Ohio      419-244-6996

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Seagate Food Bank by The Numbers

  • Donated food and products are distributed to the community free of charge.

  • Seagate Food Bank has been serving the needy for 30+ Years. 

  • 114,000+ individuals assisted a month by Seagate Food Bank through our agency network that includes food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, family outreach service centers and senior centers in northwest Ohio.

  • 795,000+ people received food assistance via member agencies annually

  • 2,000 Holiday Food Baskets distributed with the assistance of the Seagate Food Bank.

  • 800,000+ pounds distributed of fresh fruits and vegetables donated to Seagate through “Grow a Row” and farm gleaning program.  Seagate and community volunteers harvested fruits and vegetables that would have been left in the fields or tilled under.  Partners include the Society of St. Andrews, Helping Hands of St. Louis and the Knights of Columbus.

  • 5,200 senior food baskets distributed monthly by the Seagate Food Bank

  • 850 Military famillies receive assistance from the Seagate Food Bank through the Veterans Administration.

  • 3,800+ volunteers have donated over 15,000+ hours of their time annually

  • 8 full time employees along with an army of volunteers allow us to complete our mission

  • 1,920 vegetable plants grown in our on-site hydroponic vertical garden.  The vegetables are harvested and shared within the community.

  • Help Me Grow Program assists families with babies from birth to 3 years with formula, baby needs and information regarding related needs. We also provide specialty fomulas for at risk babies which W.I.C does not provide

  • Food donations come from local and national manufacturers, food drives and individual donors.

  • $732,000 value of furniture and household goods distributed 

Seagate Food Bank Annual Report                    Seaget Food Bank Form 990
Seagate Foodbank of Northwest Ohio   526 High Street  Toledo, OH 43609     419-244-6996
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